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headshot of David J. Holperin Senior, Vice President/Investments, Financial Advisor, Branch Manager, Stifel of Rhinelander, Wisconsin

David J. Holperin
Senior Vice President/Investments 
Branch Manager

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When I was a child, my father and I would frequent a small diner in our hometown where stocks were the topic of conversation, which became my introduction to the markets.  Soon, I was transcribing the stock quotes published in a weekly newspaper onto a chart on my bedroom wall to follow the price progressions.  My first stock was purchased from the money I saved from working at our family grocery store.  The success of those shares (and more thereafter) became a source of funds that got me through my college years. 

My career in finance evolved from this early passion and included working retail sales and customer service.  In 1987, I made the leap into the investment industry and joined Smith Barney Harris & Upham, Inc. (now Citigroup Global Markets) as a Financial Advisor.  I joined Stifel in 2010 for its entrepreneurial and personal culture and have never looked back. 


I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of a strong and committed marriage and fatherhood.  I am also passionate about being active in my community, making lifelong friendships, and working toward a legacy for future generations.  These are things that I think many aspire to, and are the result of hard work, leading by example, and staying true to personal responsibility.