My Philosophy

Blue, gray, and green graphic representing the bullet points, David Holperin, Stifel, Rhinelander, Wisconsin, Financial Advisor, Financial Services, Wealth ManagementThroughout my career, I've met many people who had experienced significant success with their investments.  The common denominators among them were three core principles: 

  • First, they believed in the companies that they were investing in and were committed to acquiring a large position of shares over time. 
  • Next, they weren't thrown off course when company conditions or general economic conditions were unfavorable.  Rather than fear these conditions, they would generally embrace them, as it allowed them to acquire more shares when prices were out of favor. 
  • Lastly, they were patient to a fault, and they let time, not timing, serve as their true guide. 

I've respected this process when seeking out new opportunities.Those same principles can also be applied to other asset classes beyond just domestic stocks.